Mergers & Acquisitions Assessments

Our Mergers and Acquisition Assessments (M&A) combines our compromise assessment (proactive hunt for bad guys with our Endpoint Analytics solution) and a rapid assessment of the acquired organization’s infrastructure to identify and mitigate risk prior to network integration.  Conducting M&A assessments prior to integration is critical to mitigating risk to your infrastructure that may be introduced when the acquired organization is integrated into your enterprise.

  • Proactive Hunt for Advanced Threats
  • Active Directory Structure Review
  • Active Directory Credential Analysis
  • Suspicious DNS Activity
  • Internet Gateway Stack Analysis
  • Targeted Attack Detection Capability Analysis
  • Endpoint and Network Controls Review
  • Remote Access Review
  • Wireless Assessment
  • Resilience to Social Engineering
  • Mission Critical Resource Control Review
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Vulnerability and Penetration Test
  • Other Client-Specific Control Reviews