Targeted Network Attack Risk Assessment

Targeted Network Attack Risk Assessment

Our Targeted Attack Risk Assessment is designed to be a quick and inexpensive way to answer two key questions that management and technical staff need to effectively manage risk against today’s advanced threat actors; if their network is currently compromised, and a gap analysis risk report between existing technical and risk management programs measured against today’s advanced threat actors. In most cases, we can complete this analysis in 2-3 weeks.

To answer the first question, we will deploy our ePASS endpoint solution to the enterprise for 60 days to proactively identify undetected malware on the network. ePASS not only identified advanced threat actors and their malware, but most “standard” malware, including banking trojans, spyware, and botnets. We will assist you with incident response activities, and provide critical data including privilege level, scope, length of compromise, suspected threat actors and other relevant information.

Two answer the second question, we will evaluate your enterprise for traditional and non-traditional risk factors as they relate to advanced threat actors and targeted network attacks. This review includes a targeted review of the following:

    Host Risk Factors
    Email Risk Factors
    Network Risk Factors
    Credential Management
    Targeted Policy Review
    Active Directory Risk Factors

Targeted Network Attack Risk Assessment Deliverables

  • A captured malware report, which includes all malware, indicators of compromise, level of entrenchment, timeline information, access level, and other relevant information.
  • A gap analysis report focused on host, email, network, credential, Active Directory, and policy risk factors as they relate to targeted network intrusions.
  • An evaluation and comparison to your industry peers.

Additional Information

If you are interested in a Targeted Network Attack Risk Assessment you can contact us at 855-MADDRIX or email and we’ll provide additional information and discuss your specific requirements.