ePASS Managed Threat Intelligence

Let Our Experts Detect Advanced Threat Actors And Malware Operating On Your Network

Our ePASS Managed Threat Intelligence service offering is a low cost solution for organizations that want to enhance their existing internal threat detection capabilities. We can deploy our client in your environment, securely collect the results on our Amazon cloud application, and provide remote analysis to your security and incident response team. This service is similar to our Proactive Threat Detection With ePASS Analytics offering, but is designed as an add-on to an existing threat detection program.

Flexible Solution

Each organization has it’s own unique requirements, so we can adjust this baseline as necessary.

    Rapidly scales to a network of ANY size
    No equipment to install
    Proactive identification of threat actors and undetected malware via endpoint analytics
    Detection of known threats with thousands of indicators of compromise (we scan each system for about 10k known indicators of compromise)
    Custom scans with your known indicators of compromise from other threat feeds
    Daily, Weekly, Bi-Monthly, or Monthly scanning
    VIP and key program scanning
    Scan for specific threat groups

For Government Customers

We are accredited by the National Security Agency to provide incident response services to owners of National Security Systems (NSS). ePASS can be deployed on NSS, with the collection kept internal to the network being monitored, making it a viable solution for networks that can’t connect to the Internet.

Additional Information

If you are interested in learning more about our ePASS Managed Threat Intelligence offering, you can contact us at 855-MADDRIX or email info@maddrix.com and we’ll provide additional information and discuss your specific requirements.