Enterprise Incident Response & Remediation

NSA Accredited, Highly Experienced, Enterprise Use Of ePASS, Cleared Staff, Tiered Support Structure

Experience is the single most important asset we have. We have over 14 years of enterprise incident response experience supporting the U.S. government, intelligence agencies, department of defense, critical infrastructure, and private sector organizations. In all cases, our clients experienced the same challenge – they were targeted by a foreign military cyber warfare unit, intelligence agency, organized crime group, or other motivated and technically capable adversary. In all cases, we provided substantive support to the investigation, and most cases we led the investigation from discovery through remediation.

U.S. Government

  • Department of Defense
  • Intelligence Community
  • Executive Branch
  • Legislative Branch
  • Judicial Branch
  • Independent Agencies

Critical Infrastructure

  • Chemical Sector
  • Energy Sector
  • Financial Sector
  • Defense Industrial Base
  • Information Technology Sector

Other Organizations

  • Industrial Control System Manufacturers
  • National Political Organizations
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • International Financial Organizations

Advantages of Using Maddrix

Our entire incident response process has been reviewed by the National Security Agency, resulting in NSCAP-CIRA incident response accreditation to respond to and mitigate advanced threat attacks on National Security Systems. Our Enterprise Analytics Security System (ePASS) comes standard with our services with no additional fees, meaning that we can typically have some enterprise answers about your case very quickly. ePASS can quickly verify an incident, level of access the threat actors have, scope the intrusion, and provide answers to most immediate needs questions. We used a phased approach that enables your organization to quickly engage us.

Phased Support Approach

    Phase 1: Rapid Incident Triage & Risk Factor Identification
    Phase 2: Develop Remediation Plan & Advanced Threat Actor Risk Mitigation Program
    Phase 3: Implement Remediation Plan & Advanced Threat Actor Risk Mitigation Program
    Phase 4: Ongoing Operations & Maintenance

If You Have Been Breached And Need Immediate Support

You can contact us at 855-MADDRIX, (240) 439-6201, and nscap@maddrix.com for assistance. We can typically have our enterprise ePASS solution up and running and some answers for you within 2 hours.