About Maddrix

Maddrix is a professional services and technology company focused on targeted network intrusions, counterintelligence investigations, and proactive threat and malware identification. Our mission is to help U.S. government, critical infrastructure, and private sector organizations protect their national security systems, trade secrets, and mission critical programs from advanced threat actors.  We help our clients with the paradigm shift from traditional perimeter, signature, and compliance based risk management to new and innovative ways to manage risk from today’s aggressive and persistent threat actors.

Maddrix is in the inaugural class of elite incident response providers accredited by the National Security Agency’s National Security Cyber Assistance Program (NSCAP).  The NSCAP accreditation program enables government agencies who own or operate national security systems to select an NSA-approved vendor to provide incident response and remediation services for cyber security incidents.

We have extensive experience investigating and remediating targeted attacks into U.S. government, critical infrastructure, and private sector organizations, and have developed a next generation proactive thread identification solution called Endpoint Analytics Security System (ePASS). ePASS can scale to any size enterprise and rapidly identify targeted attacks and undiscovered malware without the use of signatures.

We have trained hundreds of federal criminal and counterintelligence agents at the Department of Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy (DCITA), U.S. Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, and specially developed courses for intelligence community and Department of Defense organizations. We also work with private-sector training organizations like MIS Training Institute, and are active in the academic community as adjunct faculty and guest lecturers.