Maddrix Is NSA Accredited For Incident Response

Maddrix is accredited by the National Security Agency to provide incident response, intrusion investigation, and remediation services to U.S. government agencies who own National Security Systems (NSS). The rigorous requirements of this accreditation reaffirms our long-term support to NSS owners and the advanced incident response protocol and technology we developed.

Enterprise Incident Response & Remediation

We have over 14 years of incident response experience at all three branches and independent agencies of the U.S. government, critical infrastructure, and private sector organizations around the world. We have the staff and technology to rapidly triage an enterprise compromise, including the proactive identification of advanced threat actors and their malware.

Proactive Threat Detection With ePASS Analytics

Maddrix has defined a new genre of incident response, proactive threat identification, and proactive signatureless malware detection solution: The endpoint analytics system.
Endpoint Analytics Security System (ePASS) is an advanced endpoint analytics system that can rapidly identify targeted attacks and malware without the use of traditional signatures.

Attention Prime Government Contractors

We want to subcontract to you! Maddrix is one of only six incident response providers accredited by the National Security Agency, and has developed next-generation security technology that will enhance your existing capabilities and make your proposals more successful.

Our enterprise Endpoint Analytics Security System (ePASS) solution is a proactive big data enterprise analytics system that detects targeted attacks and malware without known signatures. There are no ePASS licensing costs for U.S. government agencies on contracts we support, providing you with a unique discriminator in your government proposals.

We specialize in incident response and targeted network attacks, cyber analytics, digital forensics, proactive threat identification, counterintelligence, and building proactive, advanced defense programs that address today's advanced threat actors.

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